Polish girl describes why she loves India & what she says is beautiful

India truly is the place to be.

We’re all miffed with the way the western world sees us. Whenever asked about India, most of them can’t think beyond slums, crimes, rapes, forts and heat. But we know we’re more than that. SO much more.

In this 12-minute long video, Karolina Goswami from Poland describes how travelling in India is something that is beyond words. She says “India, a country which the western media mostly associate with rapes, slums and poverty has a much bigger and brighter side which the world citizens deserve to see.”

Karolina Goswami talks about why she loves India and she goes on to share her stories. It truly is time to visit India.

Watch the beautiful video right here:

The best point she raises in the video is about how, owing to the massive population, the crime rates seem high but when you evaluate the proportions, the western countries are way worse than India. The way she beautifully describes how all classes of society can enjoy themselves in India is another beautiful point that further proves how diverse and accommodating how country really is.

From waterfalls to mountains to plains, we have it all. India truly is the best destination to travel with a free mind and our country touches your soul in every way.

Get inspired by our metropolises or get purified in our organic villages, either way you’ll love India.