Piers Morgan slams Beyonce’s Grammy performance, gets trolled

After taking on India and JK Rowling, Piers Morgan has now found Beyonce's Grammy 2017 performance ‘narcissistic’ and her acceptance speech ‘awful’.

Journalist Piers Morgan is back at it again.

After taking on India and JK Rowling he has roasted Beyonce’s Grammys performance, calling it ‘narcissistic’ and her acceptance speech as ‘awful’. Obviously, Queen Bey’s fans came to her defense and trolled the journalist and called his tweets ‘a cry for help’.

While the world is awe of Beyonce for her flawless act that celebrated, Morgan felt the other way and tweeted “It seemed heavier on the narcissism than the music.” Beyonce also picked up the trophy for ‘Lemonade’ and said in her acceptance speech that she made the album to confront issues that make us uncomfortable. The infamous journo had something to comment on the speech as well.

He tweeted, “Awful acceptance speech too. Looked bored as hell reading it. Come on Beyonce, you’re better than this. #GRAMMYs.”

Bey’s army didn’t like his comment and defended the singer, to which Morgan replied, “Nobody really thought it was very good, but everyone feels compelled to say it was anyway. Twitter mob rule overrides honesty.” He further said, “Twitter lemmings now exploding with fury that I expressed an opinion about Beyonce’s performance they all secretly agree with… #GRAMMYS.”

Check out what he had to say:

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the tweet:

Then he went ahead to rant about her speech:

And Twitter explodes in 3..2..1..

He somehow tried to justify his statements:

But he soon realized, Bey isn’t somebody you mess with:

We mean, the man’s display picture is him and Trump smiling towards the camera. What do you expect?