Pictures from the Republic Day parade turned into hilarious memes

We were all glued to our TVs to catch the 68th Republic Day parade but Twitterati was busy doing what it does best- turning the pictures into memes! Check out the hilarious tweets:

While all of us were busy watch the Republic Day parade in awe of the amazing stunts, Twitterati was back at doing what it does best – Meme-ifying handpicked pictures from the parade!

As the country celebrated it’s 68th Republic Day with the annual parade and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan – crown prince of Abu Dhabi and son of the UAE’s founding president – as chief guest, Twitterati kept nitpicking photos from the parade and giving them hilarious captions. It was almost like a parallel universe spoof commentary going on!

This year, the Republic Day parade became a thing on social media with multiple hashtags such as Republic Day hashtags trending and Black Cats participating in the parade for the first time.

Pictures of teams performing complex stunts went viral and the Twitter outcomes made were pretty funny!

See them for yourself: