Peak racism? When a brown nation mocked Miss Kenya's participation at Miss World

Racism against Indians? We'll burn your houses down. Racism against African-Americans? LOL let's make memes.

It’s 2017 and racism is still a thing. *slow claps*

While offensive memes have become a thing lately, India takes the cake when it comes to racist, body-shaming memes (s it because we’re taught to love ‘fair and lovely’ skin? Probably). A meme page that goes by the name ‘Ultimate fun’ recently posted a meme about the Miss World pageant. While topical memes are always great for memes, blatant racism is not. Pointing towards Miss World Kenya, the admin says ‘Kya soch ke Miss World mein gayi?’

While we get that everyone needs to learn to take a joke and laugh at themselves (*cough* people getting triggered by harmless memes on the PM *cough*), meme makers need to understand where to draw the line. We live in a country that is obsessed with ‘gora rang‘ and the conformist beauty standards set by the media. Why does the page admin (clearly a regressive person with little respect for diversity) question Miss Kenya, Magline Jeruto, and not any other contestant? We don’t even need to second guess our thoughts after reading the admins comment –

Aur saalo racist bol bol k apna g**nd na jalao kyuki tum khud bhi jante ho ki tum andr se racist ho.”

While there is clear racism at play, many of the page’s following is seen supporting the page admin, calling him ‘lit, savage and the coolest admin’ ever. Here’s a little side note for everyone laughing at Magline – these are the pictures from her latest shoot.


Excuse me, but what’s not to love? Why is she being targeted? Oh okay, it’s the color of her skin? Great! It’s saddening that a country with such a diverse skin color palette, we still haven’t learn how to appreciate beautiful, rich, dark skin tones. Here’s the best part: Instead of being remotely apologetic or taking the meme down, the page admin went on to post the following comment:

Ladkiyo k favor mein jitne cmnt de do kemeeno pategi tumse tab bhi nhi. Apne cmnt pe Love react milne ko pyar na samaj lena kyuki love react tumhe ussi liye mil rhi hai kyuki tum log chatt rhe ho unhe. Chatna tumhara zindagi ka aim hai. Chaplusi kr kr k gf bnate ho ya chaplusi krke jab ladki nhi milti tab ladki ko gaali dete ho. Tum saale ye sab krne k liye hi payda hue ho par tumlogo ka bera tab bhi par nhi hoga kyuki tum log andr se kameene ho.


Apne uglypana ko chupane k liye to makeup use krti ho par apne dil k mel ko chupane k liye kon sa makeup use krogi? Oops aisa to make up bna nhi na ..nhi to wo bhi lga deti par tab bhi tumlogo ka dil ka mel dikh jata humhe. Accha hona dikhana nhi padta agr koi accha hota hai wo aise hi dikh jate par tum log ache hone k pretend krne mein lge hue ho aur ameer handsome ladke fasne mein.

Isliye to aj k zamane mein ladke single mil jayenge par ladkiya kbhi nhi. Par saale ladke ye sab kbhi samjenge nhi kyuki unhe ladkiyo se katwane mein maza aata hai

Aur jo ladkiya galiya de rahe hai yaha… tatti jaisa shakal to hai tumhari atleast tongue to acha rakho bheno.

Oops tatti jaise shakal rakne wali ladki se umeed bhi kya kra ja sakta hai. De do gaaliya humhe par mera baal bhi baka nhi kr sakte kyuki tumhe bhi pta hai ki mein sach bol raha hu aur sach tum log jaise bitch kbhi samaj nhi sakte aur na acpt kr sakte ho

Yes, let that sink in. Remember the extremely juvenile memes made on actress Gabourey Sidibe? Indian meme pages are still churning out the ‘shaadi karungi toh sirf Rahul se’ memes. Amazing, isn’t it?

This is the nation that gets triggered when Americans confuse Deepika Padukone for Priyanka Chopra. Racism against Indians? We’ll burn your houses down. Racism against African-Americans? LOL let’s make memes.

Slow clap for our double standards.