Peahen walks into Los Angeles liquor store, destroys alcohol bottles, Twitter jokes follow

A peahen managed to get inside a liquor shop in Los Angeles, Twitter obviously could not stop itself from cracking jokes.

Peacock-peahen sex controversy in India got many tweeting and making jokes last week. Now, it seems like, tired and outraged by what all was happening in India, a peahen decided to protest. At a liquor shop in Los Angeles area, USA a peahen somehow managed to walk in and destroy alcohol worth $500, which amounts to Rs 30, ooo approximately. The video of an animal control officer trying to nab a peahen, proudly perched on top of a rack with champagne and wine bottles has gone viral. The video shows the officer trying to capture the peahen in a net but instead of the bird, manages to catch a champagne bottle instead. LOL.

Finally, he manages to capture the bird with the help of the store manager, but not before the bird breaks a few bottles of expensive wine and champagne bottles.

“Store manager, Rani Ghanem said he didn’t even know it [peahen] was there until a customer walked in and asked him about “el pollo,” Spanish for ‘the chicken’,” states a report in the Associated Press.

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According to the report, Ghanem tried to move her out of his store but instead she flew towards him, which scared him and that’s when Ghanem called 911 for help. After the massive destruction that followed the arrival of the animal control officer, some Twitter users cannot stop making fun of the fact that ‘one must never call 911 in case of a peahen or a chicken’.


And because it was USA, it cannot be that Twitter doesn’t come up with a Donald Trump meme:

Indians and their sense of humour is, sometimes, just unbeatable:

Initially, when the news came out, many were confused that it was a peacock or a peahen:


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