Parody TIME magazine cover calling Donald Trump 'Liar in Chief', goes viral. Seen it yet?

A 'TIME Magazine' cover of President Donald Trump captioned as 'Liar in Chief' is going viral. As it turns out, it's fake. Check the real cover here

The President of the United States Donald Trump is always making headlines. Sometimes for his international visits, narrow remarks or gatecrashing a wedding, but this time he is in news for all the wrong reasons. Just recently, a fake TIME magazine cover of Donald Trump as ‘Liar in Chief’ has made waves globally and is going viral to the point where many esteemed Indian and American journalists fell prey to the hoax cover and retweeted it widely without proper verification.

The reputed TIME magazine is known for its brutally honest opining about global leaders and politics. TIME has been openly critical of POTUS for his alleged association with Russia. So, when the fake cover started doing rounds on the internet, many tweeple (included journalists) cheered for this step and even applauded the magazine for its “brave journalism”.

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“Americans begin facing the task of living under Liar In Chief”- is written on the fake magazine cover along with Trump’s image while he is delivering a speech. Apparently, the ‘Liar in Chief’ is quoted from stand-up comic Hasan Minhaj’s speech during the White House Correspondent’s dinner. To top it all, Russian President Vladimir Putin is also shown in the background.

But as it turns out, it was merely an artistry to keep the audience amused. The cover is photoshopped:


Turns out this is the latest cover by TIME which too, happens to be on Trump:


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