Pakistani News channel claims Modi and Ajit Doval murdered Om Puri: Arijit and Fawad are next

As Bollywood celebrities mourn Om Puri's death, one of the Pakistani news channels has come up with a shocking claim.

Veteran actor Om Puri left for his heavenly abode on 6th January 2016 – a death that left the entire film fraternity in shock. He suffered a massive heart attack at his Mumbai house. As Bollywood celebrities mourn his death, one of the Pakistani news channels has come up with a shocking claim.


Bol TV, a Pakistani news channel aired a programme Aise Nahi Chalega hosted by Pakistani politician and broadcaster, a man who is a horrible excuse for a journalist, Amir Liaqut. In a 28-minute video that is being shared on the social media, the anchor claims that Om Puri has been murdered by Narendra Modi and Ajit Doval.

He claimed Ajit Doval along with his “special people” planned Om Puri’s murder. He also claimed about Shiv Sena and RSS’ involvement. If you thought it couldn’t get worse, the man also shared the intricate details of his murder and some of the stuff he said is batshit crazy:

Ajit Doval invited Om Puri to Delhi a week prior to his death. He drugged him and stripped him off his clothes. Om Puri was then told that he’ll have to visit the village of martyred soldier Nitin Yadav and apologize to his family given his “anti-national” stance. If he does apologize, Ajit Doval and his men will ensure that Om Puri dies a peaceful death.


And that is precisely the reason why you shouldn’t get high before hosting live news program. Amir Liaqut didn’t stop though. He went on and made one insane claim after another.

He [Om Puri] was first intoxicated and was forced to drink alcohol. Once he was in an inebriated state, he was asphyxiated by pressing a pillow against his face. The bruises on his neck are proof.

It seemed like Amir Liaqut was high on some lethal drugs for he didn’t stop here. He claimed that Narendra Modi got Om Puri murdered. Salman Khan, Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan will be attacked once they are in Delhi at the Raees launch party.


One can’t help but regret the fact that journalism in Pakistan has hit a new low. If carrying outrageous news reports claiming Donald Trump was born in Pakistan wasn’t enough, the news channels are now resorting to cheap tactics and trying to gain TRP from the death of a beloved actor.

Bol TV and anchor Amir Liaqut should immediately apologize to Om Puri’s family for carrying such outrageous and ignorant news reports and shouldn’t make claims without proper investigation and fact checking.