Pakistan cab service introduces 'Rishta Aunty', Twitter cannot stop trolling

Cab service provides 'Rishta Aunty' for people looking for matches, says 'Your rishta has arrived' instead of 'Your cab has arrived'. Twitter makes jokes.

As if it was not difficult enough for single people to survive what with relatives constantly bringing ‘rishtas’ at home, a Pakistani cab service has come out with an ‘out-of-the-box’ idea to make their lives worse. Imagine booking a cab and receiving a notification ‘your rishta has arrived’ instead of ‘your cab has arrived’. This is exactly what happened in Pakistan. Careem, a popular cab service application, just like Uber and Ola, tied up with a marriage portal ‘Rishta Aunty’. You must be wondering what exactly happens when you book a cab with Careem’s Rishta Aunty in tow. We’ll let you know.

As soon as customers booked a cab through Careem, they got match-maker ‘rishta aunty’ sitting inside the cab when it arrived. As bizarre as any marketing strategy can get, people were scandalised with this service and also couldn’t stop making fun of it.

Soon, Twitter was flooded with comments and posts slamming Careem’s latest marketing gimmick and people started trolling the cab company left, right and centre with obviously most of them comparing ‘Rishta Aunty’ with the nosy and irritating relatives.

Have a look at some of the outrageously hilarious Twitter reactions:


Some from Facebook too:


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After being so brutally trolled on social media, Careem tweeted this morning saying ‘Rishta Aunty’ was a ‘playful thing’. Yeah, true. LOL.


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