Our National Anthem was first sung on THIS date and it isn't 26th Jan or 15th Aug

Do you know when was our National Anthem sung for the first time? Hint: It's not 26th Jan or 15th August.

We , the Indian patriots respect our National flag and National anthem, so much so that we even send fake Whatsapp forwards claiming that UNESCO has declared India’s national flag and national anthem the best in the world.

Jokes apart, India’s national anthem composed by Rabindranath Tagore is something that we all respect and adore, for it is a song that perfectly captures the spirit and the true essence of being an Indian.

Do you know when was National Anthem sung for the first time? One would guess that it’s the Independence Day (15th August) or the Republic Day (26th January).

But it’s neither of the two! India’s national anthem was sung for the first time on January 27!


Here’s the story behind it.  The Hindi version of the 52 second anthem was officially adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 24 January 1950.

It was first sung in the session of the Indian National Congress on 24th January 1950.

So there you have it. National anthem was first sung a day after the official Republic day celebrations.

So if you end up getting a whatsapp forward, claiming that the National Anthem was first sung on 27th Jan you can believe it. Only for this time, though.