Nutella Cafe opening shortly: the best news you will hear today!

Nutella Cafe is opening on May 31 in Chicago, and we can't keep calm

So, the #WeekdayBlues are coming to an end and we can sense the temperature soaring. And why not? After all, all work and no play throughout the week calls for P-A-R-T-Y! Yes, that’s right! Let the stairway to heaven begin. But you say clubs, I say Netflix and chill. You say fries, I say Pizza. And you say Nutella, I say Nutella Cafe. Yes, my friend, the wait is over. We have all gorged on those small jars of happiness patiently waiting for the day when there is an unlimited supply of Nutella. Lo and behold, first-of-its-kind the Nutella Cafe is here and it is everything you have ever asked for.

Overwhelmed with the Nutella fans, Ferrero, the parent company of Nutella, has decided to treat its fans with an unlimited supply of Nutella, that too, in different kinds both sweet and savoury. The Nutella Cafe, situated in Millenium Park Plaza in Chicago, will be opening its doors of heaven on May 31. Till then, the company has decided to add an extra surprise element. The first 400 customers in line on the opening day will receive free items from the menu. Isn’t it all just too dreamy?

Slurpy much? Wait. That’s not all. The Cafe’s menu will include thick Nutella spread and slathered in hot pancakes, soft baguettes, croissants, waffles, ice-creams, paninis, and even salads. Who said dreams don’t come true? The Nutella Cafe is here to shed all your blues away.

Check out the pictures and amazing reactions:


Mark the date folks. Till then, Think Thick (Nutella thick!)