Netflix shreds Hulu on Twitter with clever 13 Reasons Why reference

The thing about Netflix is that you don't EVER try and troll it on Twitter.

The thing about Netflix is that you don’t EVER try and troll it on Twitter. Online media streaming site Hulu had to find that out the hard way. Netflix is awesome, we already know that much but, what the world wants to know is who handles their social media ’cause they are bloody witty. When Hulu tweeted about its exclusive shows which they clearly mentioned are not available on Netflix, the rival company came up with a clapback as sharp as a knife.

In a recent tweet, Hulu wrote, “Streaming only on Hulu. Not on Netflix. Try your free trial today!”

That was a bit rude of Hulu, wasn’t it? Well, Netflix did, in fact, catch that and replied, “Welcome to your tape.”

For those of you who don’t know, “Welcome to your tape” is a reference to Netflix’s recent and super popular original series 13 Reasons Why. The show tells the story of a girl who committed suicide and left behind recorded tapes for each of the persons who influenced her, mostly negatively. So, the response “Welcome to your tape” is used to highlight depression, agony or other such sentiments.

Netflix’s response, however, dark, was pretty witty. Some saw the humour in bad taste as making jokes about suicide is not a very sophisticated thing to do. Regardless, the meme is pretty strong and is quite the popular clapback on Twitter.