Watch: This ladies sangeet performance has gone viral with, wait for it, 7 million views

Indian weddings are fun and here's a proof: a ladies sangeet performance which has gone viral on social media platforms. Do watch it.

Indian weddings are popular worldwide and not for all good reasons but one of the few things which makes them fun are the dance performances on Bollywood songs, apart from the food, of course. These days these performances are choreographed and the whole family particiaptes with full enthusiasm which makes them even more entertaining. But sometimes, it is not just popular Bollywood number but a folk song, like in Naina Batra’s case.

So, when Naina Batra, who uploaded her ladies sangeet performance on YouTube last month, she had no clue that her performance would go viral with 7 million views! You may have already seen Naina peforming on Neha Bhasin’s Punjabi folk song Nai Jaana but we are sure, it wouldn’t fail to make you happy again! Not many have heard this song before, which released last year but after watching Naina’s performance, this song would surely be played in the weddings now onwards and many brides may also want to perform on this song on their weddings!
Naina is a professional choreographer and has choreographed her entire dance where one of her cousins plays the role of her mother and her brothers-in-law and husband also make small appearances. She also uploaded the video on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and garnerned a lot of likes, shares and prasies for her brilliant performance. It has been viewed by 2.5 million people and has been shared by over 35,000 people on Facebook. And, on Instagram the video has collected 180k likes.
The video is 2.5 minutes-long and keeps you hooked-on for its entire length!  Her performance is totally mesmerizing as are her expressions, which are nothing less than perfect.  And, last but not the least, Naina looks stunning in that pink bridal gown. Do watch the video below and let us know what you think.