'Nailed It', Says Twitter Over IRCTC's Savage Reply To A Man Complaining Of 'Vulgar Ads'

Maybe clean up your browsing history from time to time?

It’s not often one sees an Indian government handle or its subsidiary give it back to users when they ask queries or complain. But IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation) just gave a savage reply to a user on Twitter who wanted to know why ‘obscene and vulgar’ ads were appearing every time he opened the IRCTC ticket booking app.

IRCTC, providing the user with the technical know-how, schooled him by telling it’s actually Google which places ads on its booking app and the content of the ads pretty much depend on what the user’s browser history contains. And that he should clean up his history to not be targetted with pornographic ads.

Google rolled out interest-based advertising in 2011 which allows Google to behaviourally target users by looking up the type of pages the user visits, and how recently or frequently they visit them. Using these categories, Google shows ads to the people most likely to purchase products or services relevant to their browsing habits.

Here’s what people had to say about IRCTC’s savage reply after everyone got to know what was the man was browsing: