Nagpur Police follows the footstep of Mumbai Police, ups their social media game. See how

A recent tweet by Nagpur Police for their campaign to ensure a child beggar free Nagpur is winning the internet. Click here to read

Nagpur Police is upping their social media game by using dank memes to spread awareness and promote social issues, Following the footsteps of Mumbai Police, who almost nails it with their quick wit and powerful one-liners packed in 140-characters (remember the savage F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference, cyber stalking and campaign and the epic welcoming of Coldplay), the social media team of Nagpur police are also leveling up their social game by using punny memes while paralleling it with serious issue. The official Twitter handle of Nagpur City Police (@NagpurCityPolice) recently started the campaign to make the city ‘child-beggar free’.

To help it reach the maximum audience, the city police decided to join the creative league of Mumbai Police and Bengaluru Police, and creatively used the recent viral meme (by AIB)  of actor Irrfan Khan to spread a powerful message that every child belongs to the school, not the streets. It reads: “They belong in the schools not on the street! RT if you support the cause and call us if you see a child begging. #BeggarFreeNagpur #Nagpur”

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Citizens of Nagpur and others cities were elated with this creative initiative and ushered their love. The tweet has garnered more than 1.4k RTs and approximately 3k likes. It was well received with love and appreciation:

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But, was also met with usual trolls. Especially this guy. Look how the Nagpur police destroyed him:

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