Must watch: These two senior citizens are probably better dancers than you

Age is just a number. This cute elderly couple proves it with their dance and how!

Someone has very rightly said that ‘age is just a number’. There is this video on the internet which is going viral for all right reasons. The video has an extremely cute elderly couple dancing together, most probably, doing Salsa and their moves will make your eyes pop out.

 The age of these two hasn’t been mentioned and who cares, they are still young at heart. The energy and enthusiasm with which they are dancing in the video and their perfect moves will put any seasoned choreographer to shame. The video starts as a compere introduces the couple on stage, an area inside a big hall, which is full of people. Although , the video which was uploaded on YouTube has received over 245 k views, the one which was uploaded on Facebook has over 50 million views and more than 1 million shares.
When the couple comes on-stage , even before they start dancing, the people in the audiences start shouting excitedly and welcome them with a huge round of applause. It seems that they are already quite popular. The crowd doesn’t stop clapping and the couple take a bow and start dancing. They dance so effortlessly and their moves are so smooth that it is just unbelievable. Their entire performance is mesmerizing.
Watch the video for yourself and do let us know what do you think about these ‘cuties’: