#MosqueMeToo: Women share stories of sexual harassment at places of worship

Religion is a safe place to seek shelter in when live seems tumultuous. Prayer is a powerful medium, a state of being perceived by associated with divinity, peace and calm. It has the power to connect you with your inner-self, and the last thing you’d expect to happen at a place of prayer, such a pure and pious place, is sexual assault.

After the horrific rape-murder case of little Zainab, an innocent 7-year-old Pakistani girl who was on her way to Quran recital when she was abducted and later found raped and murdered, women are now sharing their stories of experiencing sexual harassment, even in holy places like Hajj. Egyptian-American feminist and journalist Mona Eltahawy is behind #MosqueMeToo:

Men and women from around the world started using #MosqueMeToo to narrate their stories. Here are some of them:

If women are not safe even in sacred spaces, should they just stay home to protect themselves? This shows that sexual harassment and assault has absolutely nothing to do with female modesty, it is not because of what a woman is wearing. It is because of how men are taught to look at and think of women. After reading these horrific stories, we’re left think- when will we change, if we ever do that is.