Mom asks daughter for 'proof of location', Twitter says been there, done that

How many of you have been asked by your parents about your whereabouts? Those constant phone calls, those messages? You'll find this completely relatable.

Parents are protective about their children. They are concerned about their children, especially when away from them and it’s only fair to understand why they behave the way they do. Indian children would completely identify with this as once children start working and living on their own, mother has to be sure that her children are doing fine. US teenager, Kaelyn Demmon’s tweet has gone viral after she wrote how her mother doesn’t trust her. Her tweet has been liked by more than 23k people, who mostly either agree with her or relate to her situation, and it’s been retweeted 5k times.

Kaelyn Demmon is like any other teenager whose mother gets worried when she is out with friends. Kaelyn posted a series of photographs with one of her friends with whom she was having a sleepover. You must be thinking that’s absolutely normal until we would tell you that it was actually her mother who asked for those photos to be sure that Kaelyn is actually with her friend. What began as a safety check has now snowballed into a viral parent-are-like-this-only meme.

Take a look:

A few even supported Kaelyn’s mother:

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