Mishka, the internet's beloved talking Husky, is battling cancer

Internet sensation Mishka the talking Husky is battling cancer, reveals owner.

Mishka the talking Husky is silently battling cancer.

Could 2017 get any worse? While we were recovering from Gabe the viral dog’s death, we’re burdened with another bad news.

Mishka the talking Husky, who shot to fame online with her ‘I love you’ videos is one of the most popular animals on the internet. She has millions of views on the YouTube and has thousands of followers on social media.

Mishka’s owner announced the heartbreaking news on Facebook a few hours ago and the internet was in tears. He said:

“I’m sorry, I wish I had good news. Mishka has a cancerous mast cell tumor. We made an appointment with an oncologist tomorrow morning who will do further testing and evaluate her. After this, we will decide what to do next. You might not hear from us for a while as we pull together as a family to help Mishka during this tough time. Your support is overwhelming, it really shows how many lives Mishka has touched over the years. Thank you.”

Read the post here:

Such is the love people have for this adorable dog that within a few hours the post has seen thousands of comments praying Mishka gets well soon.

Check out some of her best videos that made the internet smile and go awww:

Mishka has also appeared on a lot of TV shows:

While we’re really heartbroken about the entire ordeal, we really hope Mishka gets well soon and starts making her adorable videos again.

Stay strong, Mishka!