Mika Singh Apparently Booked Plane's Entire First-Class Just To Prove He's Wealthy

Mika Singh posted a video on Twitter, claiming to have booked the entire first-class section and then counting the number of seats he had booked

Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates once revealed that he prefers wearing a simple $10 Casio watch. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg has amassed so much wealth over the past decade that he can buy a new Ferrari every day, however, he drives a $30,000 car because it’s “safe, comfortable and not ostentatious”. World’s third wealthiest person Warren Buffet still lives in the house had bought in the 1950s.

And then there is singer Mika Singh, who apparently booked an entire first-class of an Emirates flight just because he could. He posted a video on Twitter last week, claiming to have booked the entire first-class section and then counting the number of seats he had booked.

And what prompted Singh to put on an ostentatious display of wealth? Apparently, he was inspired by Michael Jackson who, Mika said, used to book entire first-class sections of planes because he wanted to travel alone. Though we cannot verify his claims, what the ‘Gandi Baat’ singer perhaps overlooked was that Jackson, whether in his private jet or business class sections of commercial airplanes, used to offer wine disguised as Coke to teenage kids as an ‘intoxicating agent’, for which he was formally charged during investigations of child molestation.

But that’s beside the point.

Mika Singh also said that one needs to have ‘courage’ to pull off such an act. If he was looking for privacy, perhaps he could have just booked a charter plane? But Singh not only revelled in his act of ‘bravery’, he also encouraged other celebrities to follow suit. And some of them did…by trolling him.

Shaan put out a video mocking Singh’s voice and saying that he had booked an entire bowling arena.

East India Comedy (EIC) co-founder Sapan Verma had a different take on Singh’s video.

And then there were others who tried to point out that Singh may not have actually booked the entire section as many flights don’t find takers for business class seats. They posted their own pictures and videos of empty gyms, movie theatres and train coaches.

Many on Twitter also pointed out that if Singh actually wanted to spend his wealth, he could have just offered someone who has never flown a chance to fly. Or maybe donate that money to a charity.

Chances are, Mika Singh is merely pulling a fast one. But knowing his dubious track record (molesting Rakhi Sawant, hit-and-run case, slapping a doctor at his concert), one will never know.