Meet Spike, a stag beetle from Japan whose 'artwork' is winning the internet - Photos

Think humans are the only ones known for their artwork? Then meet Spike the beetle from Japan who is winning the internet for his art

While as a child, the famous Pixar movie ‘Ratatouille’ about a rat’s journey from a dingy rodent to a master chef at his dream hotel Gusteau’s must have left you in wonderment and assurance that anyone can make art. As the years passed, the difference between cinematic experience and reality became a grassroots for us to think that animals are wonderful pets but the world of ‘Ratatouille’ was only in movies. But what if I told you animals too can be great artists? Don’t believe me? Meet Spike, a stag beetle from Japan whose artwork is winning the internet.

The six-month-old stag beetle lives with his human mom Mandy, an English teacher, who accidentally discovered the genius’ knack for painting one day when she was playing with him. Mandy told Buzzfeed that, she was checking what all can Spike pick up from his mandibles and ended up discovering his rare talent.

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“That night, I had just taken a few silly pictures of him holding things like utensils, and tried a marker, too,” she said. “He moved it around on the page, so I took some photos of his ‘work’.

She posted Spike’s artwork on her Twitter handle and received an overwhelming response from netizens who fell in love with Spike and made him an overnight sensation. The post itself garnered more than 60k retweets leading Mandy to open a new Twitter handle dedicated to Spike and his artwork.

Spike has gained massive popularity so much so that he has his own fanwork:

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