Mark Zuckerberg's casual reaction to Harvard acceptance in throwback video is hella rad [Watch]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has shared a throwback video of when he got his acceptance mail from Harvard University and his reaction was priceless!

Mark Zuckerberg recently shared a throwback video of when he got his acceptance mail from Harvard University. One would assume that being accepted at such a prestigious university would effect an overzealous response but, it seems that the Facebook CEO was pretty chill about it.

In the video, Zuckerberg’s father rolls the camera while he casually opens his email. Seriously, even his dad seemed more excited at the sight of an email from Harvard University! Zuckerberg clicks on the mail from Harvard and lets out an unenthusiastic “Yay,” before he says to his dad, “I got accepted.”

Now, with a reaction that lukewarm, anyone would assume that it was sarcastic and as did Mark’s father, Edward Zuckerberg. “Are you serious?!” which prompted another lethargic and affirmative response from Mark Zuckerberg. Perhaps Harvard is something he wished to avoid since he also dropped out of college in 2004 to get started with Facebook. “Before I went to college, my mom bet me I’d drop out and my younger sister bet me she’d finish college before me. I bet them I’d get a degree. Now I suppose the cycle is complete,” stated Zuckerberg.

My dad took this video when I got accepted to Harvard. Next week I’m going back for commencement to get my degree. #tbt,” Mark wrote on Facebook while sharing this video.

Watch the full video here: