Man who's never bled 5 days a month claims period pain is a myth, Twitter responds

What must period pain feel like? This guy's response on Twitter is like the Jon Snow of men taking a confused dig at menstrual pain

Menstrual cramps – Oh, the gory pains of your insides recoiling in agony. A new pain each month, making the last one seem less potent somehow. A new turmoil in your abdomen which sends your head spinning, your heart throbbing and your mind wandering. It has often been brought to our notice that many men consider period pain an excuse, but this one man went ahead and called it a myth.

Women, the man has spoken – you crib for no reason at all. Or did he even manage to bring an end to the misery and the hours spent locked away in the shower, trying and hoping against hope that the pain would just go away? Or did he just belittle the angst of waking up with in a state of utmost lethargy, unable to move a limb? Or perhaps he was just rubbishing the whole idea of a menstrual cramp creeping up on us in the middle of a packed metro. Apparently, all the billions of women in the world have been selling this crap for decades now, and need to be called on their BS regarding the whole excruciating period pain myth.

Surely, he must know better. Sadly, he doesn’t.

In his defence, the guy had originally demanded a different answer from Twitterati altogether: What is worse than a broken heart?

To which one brave girl responded

And then like any typical guy would respond, this guy’s reaction was: Period Pain? What Period Pain? What is this foreign capitalistic idea that you are selling to the people?



Of course the angry Goddesses of Twitter were ready to bring the boy down from his chariot of ignorance and they spewed the rage all over social media.


To help another lost soul, this woman was ready to teach another guy, who was as naive as the first, a lesson.


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But wait, is this 2017? Because we have just received news that our time machine is still working and majority of the men have been left in what can only be presumed a time no less than five decades behind.

This woman sums it up for us: No Uterus, No Opinion!

And there was a man, a feminist man we presume, in the middle of this, who raised a valid point? How can you not expect a woman to feel pain if she is bleeding for five days straight?

Perhaps there is a ray of light somewhere. If you really go looking for a healthy woman out there who hasn’t dealt with menstrual pain, maybe just maybe, you may find her.

So for Daddy Bla$K @goldenconceptng, all we can say is here is a rough idea of the pain scale a woman can possibly endure in any given period cycle.

We bet even Jon Snow knows more than this boy wonder.


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