Man reads 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', realises later it's erotic fan fiction

One man was crushed to find out that what he thought was Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix was actually fanfiction

Harry Potter is just as big a deal for writers of fan fiction as it is a phenomenon for its fans. Among the sea of people stirring alternative versions of the legendary JK Rowling series, here is one man who actually mistook fan fiction for the real book. Meet Chris Chappell, who hosts the online information show China Uncensored. Chris finally decided to plunge into the magical universe of Harry Potter and once he had obtained all seven volumes as e-books online. It was all going smoothly until he reached the fifth part of the Harry Potter series Order of the Pheonix.

It was while he was reading the book that he began seeing some instances that couldn’t have possibly have been in a book meant for young-adults and even children! Perhaps the book had been edited, the extent of it was unbeknownst to him which made him seek a colleague’s aid to figure out this sorcery.

The scandalous events were shocking for Chirs. And Shelley Zhang, a major Harry Potter fan herself, decided to burst his bubble with a teeny tiny pin. The conversation that followed has been making people roll on the floor of Twitter.

Shelley was quick to respond to Chris’ supposed fascination with Ginny and Draco’s affair

Shelley was quietly mocking her friend and also appreciating the fan fic for sex education

To think that Snaps (sic: Snape) had a relationship with Harry’s mom, a.k.a Lily Potter seems to be a lot of reconciliation for Professor Snape’s fantasies and nothing more.


And the one that took the cherry on the cake, was this theory that Professor Dumbledore had a twin who had been known for having sex with a goat. Ew, right?


In the fan fiction version, Chris was quite sure that Harry was into fitness and did a lot of running too. If only he knew that Harry did not even have spare time to clean his own room, let alone go running to stay fit.


And then the most epic fandom

Its such a shame that The Boy who Lived never learnt how to become a flying lion.

And finally, reality sinked in

And Twitterati was not going to spare Chris anytime soon

And then there were people who were curious about the origins of this fan fic

And those who appreciated the entire tirade of tweets

Imagine the plight of poor Chris who persisted as he imagined this alternate universe to be true. For all the inappropriate fantasies of the writer of this fan fic, Chris was stupefied on realising that none of it was true.

And in case you are wondering if all of this is just a farce, you need to +18 to read this Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent.


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