'Man cold' is a thing and these 11 outrageously hilarious tweets perfectly explain the ordeal

High time! Oxford should include terms like 'Man Flu' and 'Man cold' in its dictionary. Not fair.

No scientific or medical study has ever been able to able prove that when a man falls sick, his condition is worse than a woman’s. But women would agree that when their husband/boyfriend/any man in the house whatsoever falls ill, the virus ends up making them feel more sick than any woman ever. Where women tend to keep up with their mundane chores, men invariably tend to become incapable of moving when the ‘man cold’ hits deck.

Perhaps a flu is to men what period pain is to women? I mean, how else do you explain the complete inaction when faced with.. umm.. cold? This explanation can well be taken into account but before we jump to our conclusions, let’s have a look at these hilarious tweets coming from some of the women, who have experienced tantrums of their partners, suffering from cold and flu. We bet you just cannot not find this funny.












Even Urban Dictionary gives an elaborate and hilarious definition of Man Flu:

Man flu

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High time! Oxford should include terms like ‘Man cold’ and ‘Man Flu’ in their dictionary.