"Lucky Fan" who got Modi's Shivratri stole was accused of circulating doctored JNU videos

The truth behind the viral tweet.

In what appears to be the best PR stunt of 2017, a tweet of a Modi ‘bhakt’ recently went viral. The ‘bhakt’, named Shilpi Tewari, tweeted out that she wanted Modi’s stole that he wore on the day of Mahashivaratri.

To her surprise, Modi pulled a Sushma Swaraj and had the stole delivered to Shilpi Tewari the very same day. Sounds heartwarming, right?

“Feel Lucky if you are a Modi Bhakt because all your wishes will be fulfilled.” said Shilpi.

Here’s some info you didn’t know: Shilpi is the former aide of HRD minister Smriti Irani. Known to be an avid BJP supporter, she was also in the limelight after a report found out that her Twitter account hosted one of the allegedly doctored JNU videos and was also criticized for campaigning strongly for nationalism during the entire JNU fiasco.

The entire story of a bhakt-modi virtual meetup seems a little shallow when you are aware of the fact that the Bhakt is a BJP insider and not just another common Modi follower.

It all began with this tweet:

And then this happened:

And it turned into a whole thing on Twitter:

While this story looks like a perfect example of how much Modi loves his fans, the fact that the ‘fan’ isn’t really a common man seems kind of disheartening and makes the whole thing looking like a PR stunt.

What are your thoughts?