Letter by DU girls asking for 'late night permission' reminds us of the sexism women face in colleges

Women are caged up in hostels after college hours while male students don't have to follow such rules. Why?

Delhi is a land where not many females stray out alone at night, but two female students dared to ask permission to go out at night and wrote an honest letter to the warden; their reason was loved and shared by the internet and everyone had a good hearty laugh.

The students who wrote the letter wanted to de-stress themselves a little after having a bad experience with their dissertation presentation. The students, who signed their name as Preeti and Aditi explained to the hostel warden that they were stressed and disappointed with their academic life, and needed a break.

The picture of the letter was shared by Pinjra Tod on their Facebook Page and people, especially those from colleges, found it incredible relatable.

Indian Express has confirmed that the duo was finally granted permission for a ‘late night’ out. Here’s a thought though- Why do they need to ask in the first place?

The cancellation of late-nights for female residents of hostels by a number of colleges in Delhi University is sheer gender discrimination and the fact that this is an integral feature of colleges and universities all across Delhi is appalling.

While everyone is laughing at the innocent letter, they fail to realize that in almost every college/university in Delhi, there exists this discriminatory rule that controls and limits the mobility and experiences of women who come to study in this city. Young women living in hostels in the city are locked up after college hours and the colleges are like cages at this point- which is why the letter is no laughing matter.

While the letter gives you a good laugh, it also reminds you of the absolutely regressive hostel regulations and moral policing by hostel authorities. While women can’t venture out after a particular time period, male students have no such deadlines.

Are you still giggling at the letter or are you now able to read between the lines?