Laughing at Anant Ambani's speech? Here's why you really shouldn't

If you and I mess up on stage, it'll just end up as a funny video on our friends' phones, but if you are Mukesh Ambani's son, you become a meme.

Before you go all ‘Lighten up it’s just a meme‘ on us, let us tell you that whenever you troll somebody, anybody, for something they have no control over– like their looks or speech impediments– it affects them. Yes, even if the person is Ambani’s son.

Giving a speech in front of thousands is not everyone’s cup of tea. We’ve all gone blank with stage fright at some point in our life (unless you’re an exceptional orator, props to you). If you and I mess up on stage, it’ll just end up as a funny video on our friends’ phones, but if you are Mukesh Ambani’s son, you become a meme and get ridiculed by anyone with an internet connection.

First of all, let’s talk about the speech– it was utterly horrible. Yes, whoever wrote it needs to be fired. The words sounded like some eccentric guru trying to radicalise a crowd. ‘Reliance meri jaan hai, Reliance India ki jaan hai, Reliance duniya ki zubaan hai.’ Seriously?

Dear Mr Whoever wrote that speech, please note:

  • We are not emotional about Reliance.
  • We don’t wake up every day and go ‘Omg I’m sure glad the Reliance group is still up and running.’
  • Reliance is a service provider that we pay and avail services. That’s about it. If your company shuts down for whatever reason, we will simply shift to a different service provider.
  • And lastly, Reliance India ki jaan nahi hai.  

Now that we’ve established that the speech was ridiculous and absolutely meme-worthy, let’s take a look at the memes people are making:

Not one person makes fun of the speech, but everyone quickly trolls Anant Ambani’s mannerisms. Let’s take a step back and think, would someone want to mess up their speech on purpose? No, right? Here’s what you’re missing– Anant Ambani was highly asthmatic at one point. When he lost weight for health reasons, he was on a lot of steroids. Yes, he suffered from chronic asthma and thyroid.

Even if he didn’t have any health issues, is it really ‘all fun and games’ when you laugh at someone for the way they’re delivering a speech, which is the first speech they’ve ever given on such a huge platform? He’s just a 22-year-old trying to walk in his father’s footsteps, cut him some slack! It’s easy to troll people when they’re on a public platform and while trolling him for what he said (I care about animals, mother nature, etc.) would’ve been funny, laughing at what were clearly breathing issues is not only insensitive, but downright cruel.

The fact that this is the first meme of 2018 reflects pretty poorly on taste. Let’s just begin 2018 on a positive note and next time, let’s choose our memes wisely?