Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show is SLAYING the internet

Gaga's Superbowl act is a true ode to the singer's superstar persona and downright bad-ass performance skills.

Lady Gaga took over the biggest stage in the world on Sunday when she performed at the Super Bowl 51 halftime show. She kept her promise of delivering a kick-ass performance by doing an aerial stunt at the top of her 13-minute set.

Starting on the stadium’s roof, Gaga began by singing a few verses of “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land,” and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before diving off the roof and onto the field while suspended by wires in mid-air and surrounded by massive drones. She spent the first few minutes of the show gliding above the field on a harness like a badass (and there was NO LIP SYNCING).
She ran through her hits— “Poker Face” “Born This Way” “Telephone” “Just Dance” and “Million Reasons” —accompanied by her band, a plethora of dancers, and a man standing inside a keyboard ring.

She changed from a sequinned leotard into sequinned underpants and shoulder pads for a beautiful refreshing rendition of “Bad Romance,” which closed her thirteen-minute set. She was then lowered to the stage for a gravity-defying performance of Poker Face!
Needless to say, the internet is still not over her crazy performance.

Post the performance, Gaga took to Twitter today to announce her world tour Joanne:

People took to Twitter to express their love for GAGA:

And of course, memes:

Watch the entire performance here.
All we can say is Gaga oh la la!