Lady Gaga goes hiking in clothes fit for the runway. Because, yes she can - Photos

Lady Gaga is taking a stroll in the woods and we can't help but gawk at her amazing style quotient and gutsy heels even in the middle of mother nature

If you are a nature person, you have got to hike in style. Or that is what Lady Gaga seems to be saying on her hiking adventure in Montauk, New York. The Mother Monster proved this once and for all that nobody tells her what to do. Recently, Lady Gaga took a stroll into the woods with her boyfriend and talent agent Christian Carino. Even mother nature must have had her jaws unhinged at her latest visitor walking nonchalantly in the woods in clothes you’d never really expect to see in ‘the jungle’.

While her new beau Carino decided to keep it low-key with his t-shirt, shorts, and sports shoes, Lady Gaga wore an off-shoulder crop top, a skirt, and heels. Why? Because what common people cannot, Gaga can. #GoQueen

Our beloved popstar’s hiking game had the swag you would expect from her. A low-key goddess so to speak.

We realise there would be people frowning upon her ‘impractical outfit’ like it’s any of their business how the lady dresses, but if the way Lady Gaga’s walking with her head held high, we’re pretty sure that’s going to be like water off her back.

Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga hike

Lady Gaga on a hike|  @jspazxo/Twitter


Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga hike photos

Lady Gaga with boyfriend | @VeRyanus/Twitter

And her fans on Twitter were going, well, for want of a better term, gaga.

Now doesn’t she look all glamorous with that ruffled crop top, a long black skirt, and glossy nude stilettos? For the diva, this is still a minimal look. For anyone else, the outfit may have seemed like a misfit or funny but the drama queen ruled her fashion game with heels in the woods and the splendidly form-fitting skirt. The 31-year-old managed to brave the gravel path in her heels and well, it was nothing short of elegant. Because hey, if it is not radical, it is not Lady Gaga.


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