Kunal Kamra just found a hilarious link between Aadhaar cards and Christmas!

'Abhi Santa bhi Claus(e) ke sath aata hai'

Since Aadhaar cards (and Aadhaar card memes) have been all the rage this year, you should be thankful that nobody is asking you to flash your Aadhaar card to read this article!

While a mere ‘Merry Christmas’ would suffice for most people, MTV decided to do something pretty offbeat. They decided to pair up with comedian Kunal Kamra to wish their fans Merry Christmas in the most hilarious way possible. Kamra, known for his ‘Siachen mein humare jawan lad rahe hain‘ bit, dressed up as Santa Clause who is seen giving salaries to his employees.

This isn’t your ordinary Santa Claus who’s handing out jolly and cheer, this is 2017 Santa and he means business. As Santa’s little helpers ask for their remuneration, Santa Kamra asks them to present their Aadhaar card. ‘Payment hojayga sabka, Aadhaar card dedo bas‘ says Santa as he reminds people that it’s 2017 and ‘Abhi Santa bhi Claus(e) ke sath aata hai‘. 10/10 for the pun, right?

The video ends with an elf saying he has 2 Aadhaar cards, and an ecstatic Santa says ‘Great, ab bas GST number dedo‘ after which the elves destroy his lair. Watch the entire video right here:

Merry Christmas, people. Don’t forget to link your Aadhaar card to your bank account, pan card, mobile number, wedding certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, wardrobe, your little brother and your dog.