'Kodaikanal Won't' fame Sofia Ashraf raps again. This time in protest of Sasikala

Sofia Ashraf's number expresses her dissent strongly as she sings to a guitar.

Rap artist Sofia Ashraf rose to fame with her lyrics expressing anger against mercury poisoning in Kodainakal caused by Hindustan Unilever. She unabashedly rapped about how ‘Kodaikanal Won’t’ back down and would fight for a clean environment apart from bringing HUL to task. Ashraf has now rapped expressing her disappointment over Sasikala’s elevation to Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

While Sofia Ashraf’s  last video reached people via YouTube, this time round Ashraf went to Poes Garden with her guitar and sang her dissapointment to the public. Ashraf spoke to a media house and said that this is purely a civil action movement. She spoke about how this is primarily against political bullying and is an attempt to reclaim democracy.

She has rapped in Tamil and says her primary lyrics are about how those who were not elected should not become ministers. She says this is the resounding sentiment among most Tamilians at the moment. Ashraf aims to raise a voice against how this might be legal but isn’t right. Sasikala took over the CM’s chair right after Jayalaithaa’s death.

Sofia Ashraf’s is an emotion that several Tamilians agree to and there seems to be an air of resentment about how Sasikala could be elevated to this major a post without a fair election. Her method of protest has gone viral and shows how people in Tamil Nadu feel about their new CM.