Kaun Hain Raees? asks SRK in this heartwarming video. Watch now!

SRK made a video giving us an important life lesson about how to be a Raees and it has won our heart! Watch the beautiful video here:

Shah Rukh Khan has recently released a video asking people who is ‘Raees’? In a bid to promote his latest movie, SRK strikes an emotional chord with the audience with a beautiful message.

The video beautifully delivers a message that you don’t need to be ridiculously rich to be ‘Raees’ and true happiness can be found in the smallest things.

Before watching the video, ask yourself this question:
What is wealth?

Here’s a list:
Branded clothes
Shiny jewelry
A 70 inch wide TV screen
Foreign vacations
Exquisite food.

Is there anything missing in the list? No? Look again.

Emotional stability
Small moments that make life worth living.

Do you know what is common between all of these? You don’t need money to get them. In-fact, no amount of money in the world can get you true wealth – Happiness and a clean character.

Raees is the story of a man who goes from rags to riches. His meteoric rise helps him build an entire empire from scratch and he goes on to become the single most powerful man in the state.
SRK takes to YouTube to express the message that money and power are not everything. He beautifully tells us that if you’re happy and content on the inside, you are a ‘Raees’.
He ends the video saying Raees paiso se nahi, dil se hote hain. and we couldn’t agree more.

SRK’s beautiful message to the world is truly winning the internet!
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