Kamaal R Khan says will leave Twitter if Sanjay Dutt asks him to. Twitter is divided.

Surprisingly or not surprisingly, when KRK spoke about leaving Twitter not everyone supported him.

Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK, has finally conceded defeat on Twitter, to none other than actor Sanjay Dutt. “Media shouldn’t encourage individuals like Kamaal R Khan, who write things about stars on social media. In fact, you should ban him”,  Sanjay Dutt was quoted as saying in an interview to India TV. KRK, who is forever active on Twitter, responded with this tweet, ‘If Sanjay Dutt will ask me to leave Twitter then I will leave immediately because I love him.’

Kamaal R Khan is known for his non-sensical yet entertaining tweets but sometimes, he ends up making huge blunders after which he has apologised on Twitter. It is a no-brainer that he does all this for footage and media attention, which he duely gets. But when Kamaal R Khan spoke about leaving Twitter, surprisingly or not surprisingly, not everyone supported him. Here’s what exactly happened after Kamaal R Khan spoke about leaving Twitter divided:


Don’t be surprised, Kamaal R Khan has some fans who address him as ‘Sir’ too, LOL. Read this:

Some had burning questions like:

And, then there are some who come armed with the weapon of sarcasm:

Repeat to yourself ‘Kamaal R Khan has fans’: