Judge asks 5-year-old boy's help in deciding his father's punishment. Kid obliges [Watch]

Think Jacob let his father go scot-free? The entire court, as well as Judge Frank Caprio burst into laughter at Jacob's verdict.

Have you ever heard a case where the judge allowed one of the relatives of the accused to decide the punishment? None, right? Frank Caprio, chief municipal judge in Providence, Rhode Island in the USA is popular for doing so on almost regular basis. A video of Frank Caprio letting a 5-year-old Jacob decide punishment for his father, for parking on the wrong side of the street, is going viral on Facebook and people are loving it, not more so because of the judge but because of Jacob, who doesn’t let his father go scot-free. LOL!

The video posted by UNILAD has garnered more than 7.8 million views and more than 40 k shares. The video starts with the judge asking little Jacob to come up and help him with the case. It is extremely cute to watch the judge make Jacob feel comfortable by asking him general questions.


The judge then pretends to be having trouble with deciding a punishment for Jacob’s father and gives him three ‘punishment’ options to choose from.


Think Jacob chose to let his father not be charged for his mistake? Nope. Jacob’s sense of judgement was spot-on and he logically chooses a punishment best suited for his dad’s mistake. As soon as Jacob announces his judgement, the entire court as well as Judge Frank Caprio burst into laughter. The judge praises Jacob’s logical way of thinking and his sense of judgement for choosing a middle path.

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Now, watch the adorable video here:

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