Jimmy Kimmel's savage LIVE tweet to Trump is breaking the internet

The Oscars have broken the internet again.

Right from the blue ribbons (to support the American Civil Liberties Union) to the pro-diversity Hyatt hotel ad, the entire Oscars night has been dropping subtle hints to Donald Trump to let him know that they’re not a part of his anti-refugee propaganda.

Host Jimmy Kimmel just took it to another level by tweeting Trump a hilarious bootycall-esque tweet that has sent Twitter into a frenzy.

He tweeted to Trump asking – “You up?” which was an obvious attempt at mocking him to let him know what’s going down at the Oscars. The tweet has got over 159k RTs in 10 minutes and is breaking the internet. Then he trolled him saying #MerylSaysHi and that tweet is breaking the internet too.

Check out his tweet:

Twitter’s crazy reactions:

Mooom, The Oscars are breaking the internet again.