Jimmy Fallon Gets Emotional Advice From 12-Year-Old!

Our favorite talk show host Jimmy Fallon met 12-year-old Ciro Ortiz, who gave Fallon some 'emotional advice'. Watch the matured kid and his wise words:

Funny man Jimmy Fallon always has a way with words but when 12-year-old Ciro Ortiz joined Jimmy and guests Danny DeVito and Brit Marling and gave ’emotional advice”’, Jimmy ran out of words.

The adorable kid recently set up a shop in a New York City subway station to offer “emotional advice” for anyone in need of it. Unlike Lucy, Ortiz doesn’t actually seem that interested in profit so much as helping people; he doesn’t even insist on people paying him money if they can’t afford it. On Thursday night, Ortiz explained to Jimmy Fallon how he came up with the idea.

Appearing on the show he said “It’s just that moment when you’re about to go to bed but then you get the most amazing ideas ever for no reason. I said something about setting up a stand, and my dad said something about giving emotional advice, since I’m good at that. Usually, people ask me about family trouble or something like that.”

(Photo: NY POST)

(Photo: NY POST)

Though Ciro charges 2$ for advice, he gives it out for free to those who can’t afford it.

(photo: instagram/emotionaladvicekid)


The child appeared matured beyond his years and proceeded to give Jimmy some (adorable) emotional advice.
Fallon mockingly gave him a hypothetical situation of going through marital problems with his wife and Ciro thought Jimmy wanted advice for himself, and the funny-mam had to do damage control, saying, “I’m happily married. Honey, I love you. Nothing is wrong at home. Everything’s great!”

When probed about how he handles mean kids and cyber-bullies, Ortiz replied “It’s not a big deal. Just words on a screen. Best to ignore it. I do.”

Watch the entire video above.