It's 2017 and yet the term 'girl-guy friendship' still exists. Here's what the Internet has to say

The Internet does not think that a girl and a guy can never be friends. Read on to find out why

Apart from Salman Khan’s brilliant ‘contemporary’ dance routine, Sooraj Barjatya’s other gift to the world through Maine Pyar Kiya was the epic line: Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte. The universe has proven that no matter what the stars have in store for the future of a ‘boy-girl friendship’ (or friendship as it is normally called), it doesn’t always have to end with a romantic relationship. It is 2017 and people are no longer segregated on the basis of sex when they are picking friends. So please, untwist your uptight knickers.

A Quora thread pointed out how amazing a ‘girl-guy’ friendship can be by listing out things that make this friendship the best kind of support system. Titled: What is the best thing about a girl and guy’s friendship? this viral thread has Quorans mentioning things that have made their friendship with a girl/guy special, things that their same sex friends could (according to them) not bring to the table:

  1. Love to hate the same people: It is not mere coincidence but more than mutual friends we literally share our mutual hate list and those set up the foundation of our endless gossip.
  2. Watch almost the same genre of sitcoms:  A lot of times women find it hard to make friends with other women who have the same taste when it comes to sitcoms, who better than your guy bestie to turn to. 
  3. Study partner: The best teacher you can have is your nerdy girl best friend who takes down all the notes and will help you sail through that tough semester.
  4. Knows what to gift you: She knows your favorite football club and won’t shy away from giving you merchandise without any special occasion. 
  5. When it comes to relationship advice they are the best counselors: A lot of times your girl/guy best friend knows exactly what to say and show you the way out of a relationship crisis by providing the right gender perspective.                                                     
  6. The Unspoken Rule: One thing remains that when one of you needs the other, all prior commitments must be dropped in order to rush to the rescue. 
  7. The Golden Truth: If you are a guy, she is your guide for understanding women and if you are a girl you will know exactly why guys are the way they are.

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The bottom-line remains that having a friend of the opposite sex is actually quite an enriching experience, it helps to open up your mind and give you a perspective from the other side that you wouldn’t normally have.

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