'Should be PadmaGST, not PadmaVAT', says Twitter as Padmavati trends

After rigorous brainstorming of about a month, the CBFC has decided to drop the ‘i’ from Padmavati and release it as Padmavat. Yes, it is (almost) 2018 and this is the best solution the CBFC could come up with for a feud that has caused countless riots and immense loss to production houses.

According to the censor board, the modifications made in the movie including the suggested change in title was shared with the production house Viacom and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who attended the feedback sessions after the screening and both parties are in agreement with the changes.

While the movie may now finally get released, Twitter couldn’t get over the name change. Here are out the funniest ‘Padmavat’ jokes and puns that Twitter (or Twtter?) came up with:

Serously though, we’re mmensely mpressed wth the censor board’s ntelligent decson, aren’t you?