Internet loves Indonesia's hijabi girl band that plays hardcore metal [Watch]

Heavy-metal and hijab do not go together, you say? Let this badass all-girl hijabi hardcore metal band change your perspective.

Heavy-metal and hijab do not go together, you say? Think again because in Indonesia three girls are challenging this stereotype. Firdda Kurnia, Euis Siti Aisyah and Widi Rahmawati could have been the names of any of the girls in Indonesia but they chose to do something different with their lives. In 2014, these three teenagers formed a band called Voice of Baceprot which translates to ‘noisy voice’ and have gained popularity in their country. Voice of Baceprot has a YouTube channel and an Instagram account and at such a tender age, the girls with their brilliant skills have managed to collect quite a lot of fans.

The girls use their music to fight gender inequality prevalent, especially, in Islamic nations which requires and ordains a Muslim women to be submissive. But at the same time they do not want to ‘diminish their obligation of covering their body and wearing a hijab’, writes The Expess Tribune.

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While there are many who support the girls love for hardcore metal, there are also those according to whom this is ‘not appropriate’. Nothing however is going to stop these girls who believe in doing what they love. As one of their fans and supporters puts it in an interview to Al Jazeera, “There’s no law that bars hijab-wearing women from playing hardcore music. This also relates to human rights. If a Muslim girl has a talent to play the drums or a guitar, should she not be allowed?”

Check out some of their Instagram videos:

The group has been covered by popular international news publications as well as covered on video by Al Jazeera. The response and the users were all praise for the three girls, their talent and courage:




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