Internet lists headlines that 'shouldn't have been written' and it will make you LOL hard

These epic headline fails are not new, but were brought up because well one particular grammatical error could not be missed

Are you a copy-editor? Or finicky about grammar? Then these headline fails will make you cringe. Or laugh.

When John P Lopez tweeted a picture of The Pratt Tribune highlighting a particular problem that the organisation seemed to have missed, it became a subject of debate. The tweet, featuring a poorly-written newspaper headline, has gone viral reducing people to tears..  of laughter. It reads: “Students get first hand job experience.” The copy-ed responsible seems to be pretty stingy with his/her hyphens.

The ‘hyphenation debate’ debate that followed is worthy of a binge-read session, with some buttery popcorn by the side.

As far as media organisations go, it isn’t such a big deal for having typos, grammatical mistakes, happens all the time, right? But then Twitter began to share other epic headline fails:

Or this

Or a lucky teen maybe?

Or simply

The grammar police was there in a jiffy to bust out the gross mistake (in case you consider it a mistake, the verdict isn’t out yet guys)

It got interesting when people demanded proofreaders and pretended mirth with the hyphen issue

And whoever said that hyphenation is an old-fashioned practice, would you please stand up?

For anyone who is still confused, a Twitter user was kind enough to provide a helpful link:

And to end all discussion, ‘coz poof this is such a non-issue

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So, what is your call, Firsthand or first-hand?

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