Insomniac to lover boy, 12 types of people you will find on Indian trains

You are bound to encounter certain kinds of passengers on trains. Here are 12 kinds you will have to bear through on the Indian Railways.

“It’s the journey that matters. Not the destination.” And that is especially true if you are taking a trip on the most amusing mode of transportation of all- the Indian Railways. It is only on the train that all those efforts of booking and getting your ticket confirmed prove to be worthwhile. From the relentless wobbling to the uncomfortable seats that are bound to give you a backache of a lifetime, it is a journey to remember.

What makes the journey even more entertaining are the co-passengers. Whether you like it or not, they will be all up in your personal space so, there is not a single chance that you can ignore them. You will encounter all sorts of travellers throughout your journey.

Here are 12 types of people you are certain to meet while swaying through an Indian train:

1. The foodie

They seem like normal people until you hear the rustling of namkeen packets. Before you know, they’re pouring out the starters, the sides, the main course and the dessert. And if you’re sitting next to one of these folks, beware the leftover aloo-gobhis and whatnot on the seat.

2. The family with the annoying child

You must abandon all hope of ever having a peaceful journey the moment you see a family with a child in their arms waltz into your coach. Even if you have music on, the child will scream through your headphones, effectively ruining your whole trip.

3. The merchant of seats

Beware of the seat merchant, especially if you’re travelling all by yourself. They will always sweet-talk you into trading in your seat with a possibly uncomfortable one.

4. The annoying talker

They are bored, extroverted individuals who are always trying to engage in a conversation with you. They will bombard you with a deluge of personal questions and an even more personal information about their lives.

5. The insomniac

If you’ve ever been woken up by someone shunting through the coach or by someone in the next berth with their lights on, congratulations! You’ve encountered an insomniac. While the whole train sleeps, they will sit through the entire ride wide awake just minding their own business (and possibly watching you sleep).

6. The political aficionado

These are a separate brand of annoying talkers who specialise in politics. Out of nowhere, they will start either complaining or supporting the government depending on their inclinations. The annoying part is that they will attract more people like them and start a full-blown debate.

7. The “chaaaaai” guy

Every so often, you will hear the melodic chanting of “chaaaai chaaai chai-garam chaaaai” and you know that you’re about to be served the most disgusting tea ever (that you’d secretly want more of).

8. The group with all the games

You can find them laying out their teen pattis or playing antaksharis or dumb charades late at night. And despite all the shushes, they will continue to be as noisy as ever.

9. The mysterious introvert

If you have the eyes of a hawk, you might see a person all quiet and nestled in a corner with their music or book or just alone in their thoughts. If you find one of these mystery people, it’s better not to engage and leave them be.

10. The ones with too much luggage

Thoda samaan zyada hai. Bas, thoda adjust ho sake to…” are the words you’ll hear from people who pack their entire lives for a freaking weekend getaway. What do they even have in those big atechis, no one will ever know.

11. The aashiqs

Out of all the people on the list, these are the ones that nobody likes. They’ll pass cheap comments and make lewd gestures, basically be obnoxious AF.

12. The snorer

These are the people who ignore all the others and just snore through the night. Annoying conversationalists or seat merchants, they just can’t let anything get in the way of them and their precious sleep as they snore away, mostly at the cost of their co-passengers’ sleep.

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