Indonesian policeman's magic trick goes viral. Can we get a tutorial please? [Watch]

Do you love magic? Watch this policeman from Indonesia show you a magic trick that make you wish you could do it too

Performing magic is a rare art which is often compared with trickery, deceiving or falsification of what is real, but here, let us tell you folks, that magic is no child’s play. It is an art which needs sharp concentration and skill set honed with years of practice. Earlier, magicians were the talk of the town and were given due respect as they attracted a huge wide-eyed crowd to their shows.

But over the years, the importance of magic as means of entertainments has decreased swiftly. Thanks to the social media and changing mindset, millennials no longer need magic to keep them entertained.

But, let this viral video of a policeman performing magic change your mindset. In the video, the policeman very skillfully transforms one Indonesian currency note to another.  His video was posted by Ismi Aisyah, a fellow Indonesian, on her Instagram. The video already has over 245k views. Watching him perform magic tricks, viewers have divided opinions about the policeman. While some are trolling and making fun of his tricks, others have highlighted the fact that performing magic is tough and must be respected.

Watch the video here:

Sulap ala-ala Ngalah-ngalahin kanjeng dimas

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