Indian student studying in the US touches Dean's feet on graduation day, Twitter goes wild [Video]

The Dean was pretty baffled because he did not know what happened.

Indian do not forget their culture and values even when they are away from India. No, that’s not a Bollwood movie dialogue but we are stating a fact. Indian-origin student, Gaurav Jhaveri studying at Illinois Institute of Technology collected his graduation certificate from his Dean by bowing down to touch his feet. Abroad, not many know that touching feet is a way of showing respect to one’s elders. The Dean looked pretty baffled because he did not know what happened. And, his reaction has given Twitter another reason to make jokes and memes and mind you, people haven’t forgotten Indian’s very own ‘sanskari’ Alok Nath.

Some youngsters are very legitimately worried that this video would soon be on their parents’ Whatsapp and family groups. Professor’s reaction is more cute than hilarious, because he is standing there looking at his feet at one moment, wondering what just happened and next moment he looks at Gaurav, who’s left the stage without any explanation. LOL.

Watch the video here:

A tweet for the Indians parents, who love comparisons:

For those dreadful family whatsapp group conversations that would follow after this video goes viral:

Some took it to their heart, as if the Dean should have known. Yeah! Obviously. Because, how can he not know? :

This is how our ‘sanskari’ Alok Nath ji would react, when he sees the video and we can’t agree more: