Indian living in China slams India and calls it 'Backwardistaan'

An Indian writer settled in China writes about how 'backward' India is. The article is seasoned with political undertones and is getting media attention.

“If every community in India is so backward, why don’t [they] rename the country as ‘Backwardistaan’ (the land of the backwards)?” writes an Indian national who has settled in China.

Gaurav Tyagi, a freelance writer in China has published an Article on ‘People’s Daily’ titled ‘Indian media should focus on synergy rather than confrontation with China’ which was displayed as the second lead on the homepage of the publishing website. What began as an article about the Indian media and how it should focus on improving ties between China and India to create a positive synergy, took a turn and began to sound like a rant.

He went on to add lines like ‘violence, killing and rapes’ were common across the country and said that India is nowhere close to China, even though they are neighbors.
When it comes to women, he writes – “Women can’t enjoy an evening with friends over a few drinks without being falsely labeled as whores and facing molestation/rape threats.”
He also believes that India’s war-mongering and hawkish attitude towards China will not bring anything to India except a sense of false/misplaced pride.

The article goes on to take an utterly childish tone when Tyagi writes “All over the country, whenever even job vacancies for sweepers/cleaners are advertised in government departments. Millions of job applications come from the so called ‘bright youth of India’ with graduate, post-graduate, engineering and MBA degrees. Is this India shining, where a highly educated youngster is happy to work as a cleaner?”
Even though we believe in philosophy of ‘dignity of labour’, when was the last time a B-school in India churned out students who were working as daily wage laborers?

Not a lot is known about Gaurav, who refused to give out a statement when probed by the Indian media. Surprisingly, this is not his first tryst with such articles. He wrote an article in October (which described him as an ‘Indian born freelance writer living in Baiyin’) slamming India’s economic prospects and asked Chinese companies to invest in western China and not India. This articled stirred debates among the Indian community in China.
The Indian Embassy and Consulates remain clueless about his identity and have not given out any statement regarding the same.

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