In the warmest story of the day, school kids collect money and buy wheelchair for differently-abled girl

The kids broke their piggy banks to buy a wheelchair for this deaf and mute girl.

At a time when several tales of inhumane torture and cruelty meted out by people to fellow human beings emerge everyday, this warm tale from Rajasthan will make your day. School students from a private school in Sri Ganganagar district pooled money last week to purchase a wheelchair for a differently abled girl they met.

It started off when Khyati, a student of class 2 at Stepping Stone English Modern School, saw a physically challenged woman riding a scooter with a side wheel. She enquired from her grandfather why a girl who visited our school, and was walking with great difficulty can’t have something like this.

Her grandfather – a retired ayurveda doctor – answered the kid and told her how some people are too poor to afford such facilities. He however gave her a suggestion to collect money and provide her a wheelchair.

Encouraged by her family members and the school administration, she asked 25-30 of her classmates if they would like to invest some of their money in her idea. most of the students agreed and contributed anywhere between Rs 100 and Rs 1,000 each, and soon enough, there was enough money to buy the wheelchair.

Khyati’s efforts helped Usha, the 10-year-old daughter of an agricultural labourer, who is also deaf and mute. She studies at a government school in Harkewala villagea few kilometres from Ridmalsar.

While Rajasthan is freezing this winter, this tale of love and warmth is sure going down in history.