Important PSA: Sonu Sood is not Sonu Nigam. Twitter, can you please stop?

Why you do this, Twitter?

Guys, this is why education is important. Because if more people could read, we could have avoided quite a bit of needless trolling. After being unable to appreciate the difference between e-commerce website Snapdeal and social media app Snapchat, the forever-angry Indian Twitter today got the gift of Sonu Nigam’s 5 am diatribe. The popular singer and reality show host spoke about how he wakes up to the sound of azaan despite having no inclination because the loudspeakers are, well, loud. Clearly disgruntled and in a terrible mood, Sonu spoke at length about how this ‘forced religiousness’, how there was no electricity and therefore no loudspeakers during the time of Prophet Mohammed and that he doesn’t think any temple or gurdwara should be allowed to use loudspeakers ‘to wake people up who don’t follow the religion’.

What he probably means here is that he wants people to be quiet about their prayers, whoever they are. Twitter however, saw it as an attack on religion. So much so that #BoycottSonu soon became a thing. And what happened next, will shock you. Not.

Dealing with the aftermath of Sonu Nigam’s statement is the rather clueless Sonu Sood. All thanks to some spoof accounts, standup comedians and #BoycottSonu, the Dabangg actor tweeted:

To set the record straight: this is Sonu Nigam. He sings. He acts (terribly). And he is now a fixture at reality shows.

Life is about smiling

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This, on the other hand is Sonu Sood. They are not the same people.

Throwback #happynewyear #jag

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