Dancing in wigs to visiting Facebook HQ: Rakhi Sawant's vlogs are so bizarre, they are amazing

Even Jejus can't help you with this one.

Vlogging is an art, that’s what I used to think until I saw Rakhi Sawant’s vlog post. Yes, from visiting the Facebook headquarters to the Snapchat puppy filter, Rakhi pretty much has everything covered.

I was just going about routine life when I came across Rakhi’s Facebook profile and my LIFE has changed. Yes, I’m not the same person I was. With the news of an arrest warrant being issued against Rakhi, I felt I had to bring this up.

Being a nice person, I want to share this hidden treasure with you. Because you deserve it. Trust me, you do.

Bear with me now:

My eyes, my ears. My brain. It’s too late now.

You thought 15 year olds with the puppy filter were irritating? You’ve seen nothing. You’re weak.

Me: I’ll sleep early today

Me at 3 am:

Asli Instagram mein 24 ghante free khaana milta hai. Asli Instagram.

I can see the pilots cringing so hard, oh Jeejus.

The background music. Is this an episode of Crime patrol? wth

Found this video on her profile. So I don’t know who Rakesh sawant is, but this is my favorite thing now. EVER. Do you even Biryaani?

I don’t know who this is or what it’s about, but I honestly feel so attacked right now.

And to add to it, they’re friends now. DAMMIT JEJUS Y THIS CHITTING.


I know you’re speechless right now. You’re welcome