Hrithik Roshan's half-twerk in new Nirma ad can give Miley Cyrus a run for her money!

Hrithik Roshan shows off his dance moves and twerks in the new Nirma ad

There’s probably no Bollywood actor who dances as brilliantly as Hrithik Roshan. And he decided to show off his dance moves and twerking skills in Nirma’s new ad. Gone are the days when detergent ads would show ladies draped in white sarees, washing clothes and drying them out in the sun. Hrithik Roshan is now replacing “Meena, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma” in the new Nirma ad (sorry ladies) and his half twerk could give Miley Cyrus a run for her money! It seems that Nirma is trying hard to shed its previous image (Read: “Washing powder Nirma” jingle) by making Hrithik twerk in their new TVC.

The ad begins with a young boy who bumps into Hrithik and gives him a stain on his shirt



You would expect him to wash his shirt and get back to the party but…



….a dance battle breaks out between this random kid and Hrithik 



Hrithik showed off his moves. Some of them were on point.



Others, not so much!



Needless to say, Kangana Ranaut would be proud!




Am I the only one who finds these expressions inappropriate? 



And then this happened!



All in all, the commercial is great and it’s doing pretty well.

Way to go Hrithik and Nirma.
And our commiserations to Jaya and Sushma.