How we see the world VS how Gujjus see the world

Bau saras article che.

Love them or hate them, you can’t ignore Gujjus. From being called misers to being labelled downright adorable, Gujjus will always find a way into your friend circle and it’s always awesome to have a Gujarati friend. (Read: We all have that one Gujarati friend. Admit it.)

Throughout the years, there have been a lot of Gujju characters on screen too. Khichdi had all of us ROFLing through the years and a lot of us continue to enjoy Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chashma with their quintessential overly-Gujju characters. The adorable Gujju parents in Kal ho na ho and their G-U-J-J-U song will never be forgotten.

It’s no secret that Gujaratis are probably the sweetest people you will ever meet, but the way they view the world is pretty different than everyone else. We’ve compiled a list of few things to help you understand how Gujjus view the world.

Check them out and go hug your Gujju friend:

Currency counting machines


Normal people: Damn, that was quick.
Gujjus: Bau slow che.



People: Spongebob is SO cute!
Gujjus: Aye aa jo dhokla jevu dikhe che.



People: D’ya know passion is a synonym for Zeal?
Gujjus: Zeal shah ke Zeal Patel?

Falguni Pathak

People: Wasn’t she really popular in the 90s?
Gujjus : Passes malyu?



Normal people: mmm snacks.
Gujjus: mmm dinner.


No, we’re not including a picture. Get your mind out of the gutter.

People: ….
Gujjus: Mari cousin che Anal.


People: I don’t think demonet..
Gujjus: MODI ke khilaf kuch bolna nai gadhedo!