How to sell sex pills at the time of demonestisation

Stay-On power capsules have published an advertisment, coming out in support of demonetisation with a humorous twist

You must have observed the hue and cry over demonetisation and brands using it for their advertisements but, this one is a little absurd. Following the latest trend, a sex pill brand has joined in the fun. Stay-On power capsules have published an advertisement, coming out in support of demonetisation with a humorous twist.

The advertisement read double entendres hinting at sex all the while. In fact, save two lines, the entire ad could very well be a talk motivational for a sixty-year-old man who is worried about having sex. Here is what the ad said:

“Whenever you think demonetisation, think Stay-On
‘It’s not a bitter pill. It’s a power capsule.’
Congratulate the leader wholeheartedly for a bold decision. Support it with all your might. You wanted this change. Welcome it enthusiastically. You waited hopelessly for sixty odd years. Then, should little inconvenience hurt you ever? Stop whining. Stop complaining. Just stay on. It’s not a sacrifice. It’s your duty. It’s your commitment towards nation building. Perform it smilingly, energetically with vigour and vitality. Just stay on. Watch with pride the emergence of Super Power – The India. It’s here to stay on.”Stay-On Power Capsule Demonetisation Advertisement | Twitter Image For

Stay-On is a brand for sex boosters which help men with low libido and revitalise one’s sex life. Apart from their power capsules, Stay-On also has other products in store including power oils, oral liquids, prolong spray and such. These boost stamina and help with erectile dysfunction.

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for demonetisation on November 8, deeming Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes invalid, it has been the latest fad. Shortly after jokes and memes erupted, brands like Paytm released ads to make hay while the sun shines. Paytm too had announced support towards the Prime Minister’s move to curb black money.